Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 2: 12 Days of Pictures- Favorite Wedding Moments of 2009

Day 2: On the 2nd day of pictures my camera gave to me... a goofy groom and his groomsmen. For anyone who has met me you know that I'm kind of a goof myself- okay not kind of I really am. I love it when people let their guard down and are willing to have fun and just act a bit silly. Here are two perfect examples of that.

This first image was from Kristie & Matt's wedding in July. They were married at the Arvada Center which has all sorts of sculptures inside and outside the building which made for some cool pictures. When I saw this sculpture I thought it would be funny to have the guys try to pose just like it. They obviously agreed to pose for it and I love the way the photo turned out- I was cracking up!:

This one was taken with Neal and the guys at Becky & Neal's wedding. Their wedding was held right near the dock to the lake which made for an awesome backdrop for photos. This one obviously had nothing to do with the scenery though. There were a few people fishing along the dock and one of Becky's brothers suggested a photo with the guys fishing. With the guys' pasted smiles and pointing towards the water it really made for the perfect "cheesy posed" picture- I love it!:

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