Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 11: 12 Days of Pictures- Favorite Wedding Moments of 2009

On the 11th day of pictures my camera gave to me... favorite getting ready moments.

I love catching those moments leading up to the wedding. Whether it's of the guys hanging out, the girls surrounding the bride trying to calm her down, or those funny moments that happen before the bride walks down the aisle. Here are two moments that I caught in the bride's room prior to the wedding that are some of my favorites!

This one is from Brandy & Bill's wedding. Brandy is such a crack up- this picture totally brings out her personality. She was putting her earring in and her expression was priceless.

Almost every wedding venue I've ever shot at seems to have issues with air conditioning in the bridal suite. I guess they figure the bride would have no reason to get a little warm the day of her wedding- not like she'd have any reason to be a bit nervous or anything right? Anyway, this picture from Melissa & Adam's wedding sums up exactly what it feels like to be stuffed in the bridal suite the day of a wedding.

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