Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mel & Adam's Evening Wedding: Chateaux at Fox Meadows

It always seems strange when you get back from being out of town, at least for those of us who don't travel too much, but the week after we got back from Jamaica was a little more strange than usual. Our computer had crashed just before leaving town which meant things were going to be crazy when we came back but we weren't expecting the news that Michelle's grandfather had passed away on top of that. By the next weekend though things were slowly getting back to normal as wedding season continued on with Mel & Adam's Wedding up at the Chateax at Fox Meadows. I was a little nervous going into the wedding since they were having a ceremony ending just before sunset and we would be taking the pictures of the two of them right after sunset. Since Michelle was unable to attend the wedding, Zach Wear of Revert Imaging came along to 2nd shoot & assist which couldn't have been more perfect for the situation. We knew ahead of time that we would need to use some off camera lighting for the photos and Zach sure knows his stuff. He helped me to get some awesome images of Mel & Adam during sunset. I've known Adam for such a long time and never thought this day would happen. We're so happy for them- congrats guys! Thanks Zach for coming along and helping me out!

Why is it that every bride's room is always burning hot?! Here's Mel being fanned:

I love this photo Zach took of Mel!:

Here's another awesome shot Zach took:

This one Zach took of the guys is so sweet! So his style:


zach w. said...

These look awesome! Thanks so much for the props, and I will gladly shoot with you anytime, it was a blast!

Erin Cady said...

Wow, that car is amazing! What a fun original limo!! You boys did an awesome job at this wedding... nice work!

Johnny Tran said...

OMG!! I love them all. Awesome work Dusty!