Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Alyssa & Matt's AWESOME Wedding in Ocho Rios Jamaica!!! Part 2

Here's a few more images from Alyssa & Matt's wedding day in Ocho Rios Jamaica. This first one is a shot of just part of the huge resort we stayed at and where Alyssa & Matt were married:

The ceremony site was beautiful!:

Loved the reflection on this table in their room:

Just had to catch this one of the hotel's photographer taking one of the "posed" shots during the ceremony:

Isn't this staircase sweet?!:

They didn't want to do all the traditional stuff for the reception so this was from a quick first dance to a song playing in the background- so cute!:

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Stephanie Osborne said...

Three and the staircase are my absolute favorites! Getting paid to vacation and shoot lavish weddings, we have a pretty sweet gig eh?