Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Portrait Website is Officially Launched!

Our new portrait website is now online so please check it out! We are still doing some construction to the new landing page at but if you click on the link for Portraits you can check out the new site or type directly to get there. We've started to branch out into portrait photography and so if you or someone you know needs family pictures, baby photos, maternity portraits, business portraits etc please contact us.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

E-Session with Jessie & Brandon in Winter Park

If it hadn't been for a couple of cars and a few people we saw I would have thought we were the only 4 people in all of Winter Park last weekend. With it being in between seasons the town was practically empty which was nice since there was no one there to tell us to get off the ski lifts and we felt like we had the entire town to ourselves. We love to take pictures in locations that really represent the couple and as you can see Jessie and Brandon love to ski so Winter Park was a perfect choice. Neither Michelle nor I had ever been there before so we didn't know what the location's potential would be for photographs but it's always exciting to get to be creative with a new place. Jessie and Brandon made it very easy for us though. They knew of some awesome locations for pictures from the ski lifts, to an old run down bus, and a cool sign that said "ski". Most people would have passed by the old orange ski bus they found but they saw the potential something like that carried for a great photo opportunity. The owner of the bus was so kind for allowing us to use it for some photos- they turned out awesome! It's so cool when we meet with people who just have that "eye" for what makes a great photo and these two definitely have it. I had a difficult time trying to narrow down which pictures to post because there were so many great pics of these two (and their cute dogs that we got a few pictures with too). They are getting married in Maine next summer and we wish them the best!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kristie & Matt's Engagements at Red Rocks

When we scheduled Kristie & Matt's engagement session for Red Rocks it didn't occur to Michelle and I to check to make sure there were any concerts or events taking place there. We figured it was May and things wouldn't start until at least the end of the month. Of course we realized too late that we should have checked. Luckily we convinced the parking attendant to let us slip through the closed off road and so did Kristie and Matt and we were all able to meet up for pictures. It was a perfect day for photos up there. Between a great looking couple and perfect afternoon lighting we got some beautiful shots. Kristie & Matt have to be one of the nicest couples ever. We had such a great time taking pictures of the two of them and just talking. You can definitely tell God made these two perfect for each other. We are looking forward to photographing their wedding in July. Here's just a few pictures from our day at Red Rocks.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Pines at Genesee: Kacey & Jay Wedding

Last Sunday as we drove up to Kacey & Jay's wedding in Genesee we could barely see more than a few feet in front of our car because of the fog. At first appearance the weather may have seemed awful for an outdoor wedding but for a photographer this is something you rarely get the opportunity to photograph and it makes for awesome photos! We started the day out with a few pics of Jay and the guys in the fog- these have to be some of my favorite shots I've ever taken, the fog was so cool! Kacey looked absolutely beautiful and didn't seem to mind at all that is was a little cold. By the time the wedding ceremony started the fog had lifted enough so all the guests could witness them exchange vows. Later that night the fog returned and these two were great sports to go out in the misting rain for a few shots in front of the car lights- I love these shots! Kacey & Jay we wish you two the best- thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your day. God Bless!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I Wanna Be a Rockstar!

A couple of months ago Michelle and I were led to a local network of photographers through a nationwide photography forum. Having been in business for a couple of years we really didn't know too many other photographers in the area and thought this would be a great opportunity. At the time we had no idea just how much taking that one step would mean to us both personally as well as to our business. It was through that group that we met a couple of photographers who would make a big change for us. Out of the blue I receive a phone call from Erin Cady of Art & Soul Photography. She wanted to see if I would be interested in this very secretive project that would change the senior photography experience- something that was so original that they couldn't even share the details until they knew I was on board. This top secret project was the brainchild of Ross Bothwell of Elegant Images & Photographs. He'd been working on this great idea for some time and needed a few photographers to come onboard. Well... obviously I couldn't resist and it sounded so awesome there was no way Michelle and I could pass it up.

So here's the lowdown on this top secret project (we'll I guess not top secret anymore). The name of this awesome event is Senior Rock Star Tour. There are 5 photography studios- Ross & Kammi Bothwell of Elegant Images & Photographs, Erin Cady of Art & Soul Photography, Allison Ragsdale of Allison Ragsdale Photography, Dawn Gioia of Dawn Gioia Photography, and yours truly. There's 5 different locations, a tour bus, prizes, pizza, and 20 seniors. This is not your typical senior photography session- it's like a party with some of your closest friends and the paparazzi there to cover it all! We have two dates scheduled so far for this summer so if you're a junior ready to have a blast or know someone who is check out our website at for all the information and to sign up. It's going to well... Rock!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Alyssa & Matt- Engagements Downtown

When the weather turned out better than expected last Saturday we were hoping for the same luck with Sunday for Alyssa & Matt's engagement session. No such luck- it rained, and rained, and rained. Luckily our original plan to meet at Cherry Creek was changed when we realized the Cherry Creek Sneak was taking place and so we ended up at the Performing Arts Complex- perfect location for a rainy day. Other than venturing out in the rain for a few pics with the umbrella we were able to find a few really cool locations out of the rain. We found this really cool tunnel for a few shots and even better there was heat! Matt made a comment that he thought it would be funny to twirl the umbrella for a photo thinking I wouldn't take him serious but as you can see once the thought's in my head I have to try it out. Alyssa & Matt were a blast to photograph- they're such a good looking couple too! They are getting married in Jamaica this summer and we can't wait to photograph their wedding it's going to be awesome! Despite the weather we got so many great shots and I had a difficult time choosing a few for the blog but here's a sneak peak for you. Enjoy!