Friday, May 1, 2009

Alyssa & Matt- Engagements Downtown

When the weather turned out better than expected last Saturday we were hoping for the same luck with Sunday for Alyssa & Matt's engagement session. No such luck- it rained, and rained, and rained. Luckily our original plan to meet at Cherry Creek was changed when we realized the Cherry Creek Sneak was taking place and so we ended up at the Performing Arts Complex- perfect location for a rainy day. Other than venturing out in the rain for a few pics with the umbrella we were able to find a few really cool locations out of the rain. We found this really cool tunnel for a few shots and even better there was heat! Matt made a comment that he thought it would be funny to twirl the umbrella for a photo thinking I wouldn't take him serious but as you can see once the thought's in my head I have to try it out. Alyssa & Matt were a blast to photograph- they're such a good looking couple too! They are getting married in Jamaica this summer and we can't wait to photograph their wedding it's going to be awesome! Despite the weather we got so many great shots and I had a difficult time choosing a few for the blog but here's a sneak peak for you. Enjoy!


Ross and Kammi said...

Great shots. I have shot there many times, some of yours shots I can't figure out where you are. Nice job.

Becky Young said...

Beautiful shots! Glad you found a way to work around the weather! =)

Dawn Gioia Photography said...

These are great Dusty!