Monday, April 27, 2009

Castlewood Canyon E-Session with Hanako & Eddie

On Saturday the weather finally worked out for our engagement session with Hanako & Eddie.... well sort of. It seemed that whatever day we picked for pictures the weather kept changing our plans for us. Finally we settled on trying for this Saturday despite the weather forecast calling for rain. Although it was a little chilly the sun did make several appearances throughout the day and we got some great photos with them. We'd really wanted to get a few photos out at the old dam that was destroyed many years ago in Castlewood Canyon. It was quite a hike but they were great sports and at least the hike kept them from getting too cold. Hanako & Eddie really know how to have fun with each other and goof around. I love catching pictures with couples just having fun and being themselves! Eddie brought along his gun (don't worry he's licensed to carry it) and I took this snapshot of the two of them with Eddie's camera. They look like trouble don't they???

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...michelle said...

you have the same luck as us when it comes to scheduling. ;) oh, and i love the gun shot. ha!