Monday, April 20, 2009

Annual Turkey Hunting Trip

I made it home alive!!! But... the turkey didn't. Every year my dad and I go on a trip to Valentine Nebraska for turkey hunting. While everyone else was enjoying the snow here in Colorado, we were enjoying fog and rain. Fortunately we didn't stay out in the cold, wet weather for too long. Within 10 minutes of our weekend hunting trip it was 1 turkey down- 1 to go. And an hour later the planned 2 day hunt was over and we didn't even make it to lunch on day one. After I got my bird I took out the good old camera for a few pics of my dad in action. What kind of photographer would I be if I didn't bring along the camera for some pics?? Here's a few photos of my dad, the turkey before he became this year's Thanksgiving meal, and ME!


Erin Cady said...

Well congrats on the hunt! But I have to admit, the turkey is much more attractive all puffed up and alive than he is all spralled out dead... hahaha. Glad you had a good trip. :)

janett said...

When I was in basic training one of my drill sgt's got article 15'd for shooting turkeys while we were out on the range. I thought that's what they were there for! ;)

Andrew said...

Dude I had no idea you were a hunter. Looks like a great trip and it's always nice when you get something.