Saturday, August 22, 2009

Becky & Neal's Wedding: Grant Ranch

Two Saturday's ago Becky & Neal were married at the Grant Ranch Clubhouse. The location was perfect for a wedding- located right off a lake with an awesome dock and beautiful scenery. We convinced the two of them to see each other before the ceremony since it wouldn't be over until near sunset. We got some amazing photos with both Becky & Neal as well as all their family and bridal party before the wedding. I have to say that the photos on the dock with the boats in the back are some of my all time favorites! Following the ceremony we took a few more photos with the bridal party and the two of them out front of the clubhouse. While we were taking photos a passerby driving a sweet old Ford was kind enough to stop and allow us to use his car for some pictures. What perfect timing that he just happened to be driving by. It was perfect, especially considering that Neal is a car man and builds old cars for fun. In fact he even brought out a floor creeper when it came time to taking off the garter (for those of you who don't know what that is- it's what mechanics use to crawl under cars for repairs and such). Here's just a sneak peak of their wedding. Becky and Neal are such a great couple and we are so glad for the opportunity to work with them- congrats guys!


Marcia said...

What great photos! Like Tyler said at the wedding: It was really one of the most touching weddings we have ever attended.
Congratulations Becky and Neal!

SarahJ said...

OMG! I love these! Becky, you truly look like a MODEL in these. You're STUNNING. Just beautiful. Love you, girl, big congrats to you and Neal. xoxo, Peanut