Monday, March 16, 2009

Kacey & Jay's E-Session at Chatfield Botanic Gardens

Sorry I'm a little behind on blogging this week but things have been crazy around here! We have so many awesome things coming up including our Calling All Ladies contest that we can't wait to share with everyone. Anyways, a week ago we met up with Kacey and Jay for their engagement session at the Chatfield Botanic Gardens. It's such a fun location to photograph with a bunch of old barns and animals on the property (including some goats and a cranky goose). Kacey and Jay have a ton of fun together and were a great couple to photograph. At one point holding hands turned into some type of kung fu fighting match and Kacey ended up over Jay's shoulders- they are awesome! We've been looking forward to their wedding and their engagements since meeting with them. It's so funny when you meet someone and realize what a small world it is. Coincidentally Michelle and Kacey went to the same church and were involved in the same youth group for many years back in Middle School and High School. In fact the youth group minister from way back then actually married Michelle and I almost 6 years ago. Somehow they were referred to us and now we get the chance to photograph this special time in their lives. They are getting married in May and we can't wait. Here's a few from our day including the first photo of our version of the classic painting American Gothic.


Stephanie Osborne said...

Love the pitchfork photo lol. That wood is also such an awesome background texture. Solid set!

JT Images said...

I love the first shot!! Such a classic and you did it well.