Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bride's Tips: Wedding Dresses

For a while now I (Michelle) have been wanting to get a little more involved with our blog. Witnessing so many weddings I feel we have a plethora of information to share with our brides and help them with the planning process. Every bride wants her day to be unforgettable. After all there is so much time and money that goes into a wedding and all those dreams that were years in the making. The planning process for our own wedding, almost 6 years ago now, was one of the most exciting time of my life! I loved every moment of it. However, I've heard time and again from brides-to-be that they can't wait for the wedding day so all the planning can be over. That's where I come in. Okay so I'm not a wedding planner (actually I did want to be back before our photography took off) but I'd love to share any tips and advice for all our brides to help make the planning a little more fun and a lot less stressful. From the small things, like the song you pick for your first dance, to the big things, like the wedding dress, I'd love to offer ideas and share the latest trends to help you make your day unique to you. I'll be posting these every now and then so check back for the latest. If you have any topics you'd like me to cover just let me know.

So, without further introduction here is my first post and what better way to start than with my favorite topic of all, the wedding dress! The last time I went to a few local bridal shops I was a little disappointed with the lack of selection. Where are all those dresses in the magazines? Makes one think those dresses are for the rich and famous only- if they're not in the stores they must be high priced gowns that nobody can afford right? Well... there are a lot of beautiful dresses out there that don't cost an arm and a leg you just have to look in the right place. The internet is a great place to start- you can find a dress and find out where to buy it without having to go to 50 different bridal shops. Here are a few designers that I absolutely LOVE!!!! Many of these gowns can be purchased for under $1000 but you'll still look like you stepped right out of a fashion magazine. Check out the links to their websites for more beautiful dresses.
Nicole Miller:

Manuel Mota Pronovias:

Jim Hjelm:

J. Crew Weddings:

Alix & Kelly:

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I'm a friend of Juliana King and she posted your link on her blog so I came to check out your photos. I love photography and you are really good!

Do you do other things other then weddings?