Sunday, March 8, 2009

Becky & Neal: Engagements at Red Rocks

The second half to last weekend ended with Becky & Neal up at Red Rocks. I haven't done an engagement session up there in almost a year so I was looking forward to trying some new places up there. From the look of the pictures you'd guess we took this in the middle of the summer- it was warm enough for Becky to wear a tank top! But here is proof they were done the 1st of March:-) Becky & Neal were so easy to photograph and make a great couple! I really didn't have to instruct them on anything, they were just naturals. The ladies over at Deloitte have made my job so much fun with all their great referrals! I have had a great time working with all of them! Here are a few of the images we shot during the day. Don't they make a great looking couple? I can't tell you how difficult it was to pick just a few to share- this could have been one of my longest posts ever! Check 'em out.

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Andrew said...

Great images Dusty. It's always nice to try some different shots and locations at a place like Red Rocks. Talk to you soon.