Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's Okay if You Don't Want to Hire Me =)

Just tell me so.

I found this interesting post written by Lori Raines Calligraphy in Oregon and thought it was very fitting for those of us in the wedding industry as well as great advice for brides and grooms planning a wedding.

It goes like this:
You located me on the web or through a friend. You e-mail or call me, we take time to meet, if you’re a local bride, or talk over the phone or e-mail if you are in another state or cross country. You tell me what it is that you want my services for in your wedding or special event. I listen and tell you how I can help you out, lettering styles, colors, prices, timelines, etc. We agree that this looks good and can work, we have gotten along well in our initial meeting and you say you will get back with me with a firm decision in a couple of days, if not sooner.

A few days later I e-mail you to see how things are coming and if you have made a decision. Nothing.

A week now goes by and I send a second e-mail asking if you can let me know if you wish to reserve space on the calendar for my services. I hear nothing.

Now, by this time I should take a hint, but I think to myself, “What if finals have her really busy, or there’s a family issue and she’s just not been able to get time away to e-mail or call.” I also don’t want any lack of follow-up on MY part to be taken as “she doesn’t care” or laziness. Like many business owners, I am hyper-critical of myself in business situations, so I worry about everything.

Don’t worry, I KNOW what happened. You simply changed your mind about paying the budget and not needing my services, or you found another vendor that you “clicked with”. Not a worry! I totally understand that this happens. This is business. I have competition. There are budgets. I understand. But all I am asking is this: Tell me your final decision so I can adjust my schedule accordingly. Also, by telling me WHY you chose someone else, I can adjust my business and approach, the way I present things to potential clients. It’s a learning process for me, not a personal slam. You won’t hurt my feelings. Constructive criticism is necessary to grow and learn. You don’t have to phone to tell me, just drop me a line and say you will be going with someone else and why. Just say SOMETHING and don’t worry about detailing it out. It’s not necessary. Feedback is good and necessary for the growth of my business. I guarantee you, there are hundreds of thousands of other wedding professionals that will agree with me–it just takes an e-mail to let us know the how and why you decided to book with someone else. And it doesn’t leave us wondering.

That’s my request to all brides and grooms out there and I am certain that any wedding vendor you call on will agree that they would like to know why you chose someone else. How else can we improve if we never know what we are doing wrong?


Juliana said...

Anyone who does not use you is totally missing out. Well, if they do not use you then they ARE USING taking your precious time and talents away from people that love you guys!

Stephanie Osborne said...

What a great article! Thank you for sharing this... Hopefully clients book on the spot right, but I do wish I could send this to a select fue that have been emailed to no avail!