Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bridalize Denver: Wedding Planning Made Simple

Written by Michelle

Planning a wedding can pretty much become a full time job for most brides-to-be. You have to meet with vendor after vendor after vendor after vendor..... you get the idea. And sometimes, things don't always work out too well- you just don't mesh with them, the pricing isn't right, the product wasn't quite what you were looking for, and you have to start your search again. It can be an exhausting process. Wouldn't it be nice if someone came up with the brilliant idea of having all those vendors and resources in one location???? Well, that day has arrived and the location is Bridalize!

A few months back we were approached by the wonderful ladies over at Bridalize Denver- an awesome little boutique that was just opening up at the Village Shops at the Landmark in the Tech Center. One of our past brides had passed on our name to the girls and were wondering if we would be interested in adding our name to a short list of wedding photographers for brides to consider using for their big day. After hearing more about the shop and the services they would be providing to brides (for FREE- seriously no gimmicks it's really FREE) we were excited to participate.

Here's how it works. You get engaged and of course tell each and every one of your friends the great news. They offer up advice and names of companies they loved working with and those they didn't for their own big day. Some of those companies may work great for you while others just don't match your style/budget etc so you need more help. Rather than spending hours searching the internet for companies that could or could not be worth your time, Bridalize Denver is a one stop shop for all your planning. Everything from photography, to invitations, to a wedding planner, and much more- you can find it all at Bridalize. The shop's owner, Jessica, got this amazing idea while planning her own wedding not too long ago. It's such an exciting time in your life and for many people the planning of their big day can literally suffocate the fun out of it. She spent so much time and energy planning her wedding and searching the city over for trusted vendors she decided she wanted to help other brides by taking away much of that stress and research. All the vendors in the shop came by way of referral- from past brides or through other wedding professionals. No back alley, take your money and run shops- these are trusted professionals you can count on to be there for each of your wedding needs.

When we heard what this store was about we were so excited to participate. When I started the planning process over 7 years ago for our own wedding I would have loved to have had a resource like this available. I had several trusted companies that I worked with from referrals of friends/family that worked out wonderfully but for everything else it was up to me. And, while I loved the whole planning process I wasn't impressed with some of the vendors I found through the internet and yellow pages (yes I did say yellow pages- hey it was 7 years ago!) Our limo broke down on the way to our reception- making us an hour late which threw the entire evening off. The replacement limo they brought to pick us up had been out with a partying crowd the evening before and they didn't even bother to clean it up before bringing it to us- chicken bones and all! Then there was my wedding dress and the girls bridesmaids dresses. The shop closed down literally 2 weeks before I was to get my dress (for which I had waited almost 4-5 months for it to come in). I found out the dress I thought was a designer gown, and had paid for, was actually a knock off being sold as the designer. I was one of the fortunate few who did end up getting our dresses but there were many brides who lost their money and their dresses. It's from these experiences that I cannot recommend enough this great shop. If you or someone you know is planning their wedding please check out Bridalize. The website is just a glimpse into what they have available at the shop- visit them at the Village Shops at the Landmark: 5370 greenwood Plaza Blvd Ste 109, Greenwood Village CO 80111.

We went in the shop last week to take a look at everything now that they have the decor just about finished and all the vendors products to browse through. Here are some images we took of the shop while we were in there.

Here's one of the outside of the boutique:

And their sign:

What you see when you first step inside:

And another one:

I LOVE the furniture and they way they've decorated the place!:

Our area on the wall with our METAL prints:

Great area in the back for meetings:

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