Sunday, August 3, 2008

Engagements with Ha & John... and Savannah

Sorry about my poor blogging habits this last week. I took a mini vacation and just haven't returned mentally from it yet. It's been crazy busy so I'll be doing quite a few posts here over the next week to get caught up.

So... a week ago Thursday we met up with Ha & John downtown for their engagement session. John's adorable daughter Savannah came along for a few pictures as well. I swear this family was straight out of a magazine! Everyone knew perfectly how to pose for pictures and I'm having a difficult time narrowing down the final pics. I'm really looking forward to their wedding next week. Ha is wearing two dresses- one as the traditional gown and the other reflective of her culture. Here are just a few pictures from their engagement session.

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Anonymous said...

So good! Love the background.
Savannah is adorable and John and Ha are looking ready for their honeymoon.........