Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cathy & Cody's "Square" 1/4/09 Wedding

Cathy & Cody exchanged vows a week ago Sunday 1/4/09 in Littleton. As you may recall last summer we also photographed their engagements in Littleton, Cody asked her to marry him in Littleton and years ago they both attended the same elementary school in Littleton. Of course it only made sense they continue with the tradition and held both their ceremony and reception in... Littleton. The big day also was chosen in particular because of the meaning behind the day. As a math whiz and teacher Cathy carried that into the decision for the day- the first square number of the year. The square root of 1=1, the square root of 4=2, and the square root of 9=3. (For those of you who know me and my lack of math skills Michelle explained it to me). The day was a little cold but at least the snow from the day before was mostly melted and Cathy, per my suggestion, brought along a pair of boots to walk outside in. Apparently they were much more comfortable than her other shoes and she kept them on for the remainder of the evening. We had a great time photographing their wedding and wish them the best!

As for the last photo here are the cousin's and aunt & uncle of Cathy (we photographed both of her cousin's weddings). During the reception they all "literally" shuffled over for a quick photo on the dance floor- it was hilarious! Thanks guys for the referral!!!


Juliana said...

GREAT pictures!!!!! I especially love the mailbox one! Beautiful!

Johnny Tran said...

Mailbox one is very cool! Also, is that a video light I see? Which one did you get?

Angel Morrison said...

Oh Dusty, our family will forever be referring you guys at every chance we get! Hope all is well!