Saturday, November 22, 2008

Biggest Pile of Leaves.... EVER

Last weekend I decided it was finally time to pile up all the leaves that had fallen over the last month or so and get them out of the yard before the next snow. I had been postponing doing this for some time since I knew it was going to take a little while to accomplish but contemplating the possibility of what snow could do to them and not wanting to have to deal with wet molded leaves I figured I better take care of them. So here it is.... the BIGGEST pile of leaves EVER!!!! Okay maybe not ever but it sure is a lot of leaves (7 bags worth actually). This is what happens when I spend every waking minute working and in front of the computer editing photos and I neglect things like this. Oh well... it was fun piling them up though I have to say. What's better is when I invited my next door neighbor's daughter Chloe to jump in the huge pile. She was having such a blast jumping in the leaves. Don't you wish you could be a kid again sometimes just to be able to do this?


Jen Berry said...

love love these leave/kid photos. great crisp, fun images

Seth Jenson said...

great photos! makes me want to go through my wife in a big pile of leaves. :)

Jonathan Jay said...

Amazing shots!! Probably made all the work of raking them worth it lol