Sunday, July 19, 2009

Calling All Ladies Contest Winner Brandy!

I realize this post is long overdue but things have just been hectic around here the last few weeks so we're glad we're starting to catch up on a few things. Our Calling All Ladies Contest that we held a few months back turned out better than expected. We had a close race up to the final hours of the contest and until midnight we weren't sure who would win. In the end Brandy was declared the winner with a close second going to Kacey & Jay. Last month we set up the actual session with Brandy and decided on Castlewood Canyon as the location. Donna Kelly did the makeup and hair for Brandy and did a beautiful job. She helped us out for our first Senior Rock Star Tour last month as well and did such a great job that we had to have her help us for this event as well. When we got out to Castlewood Canyon the park ranger warned us about the mosquitos and boy was he right. By the end of the day we totaled 59 mosquito bites between the three of us- yet Brandy was such a sport through it all! We had a great time taking photos the entire afternoon and even got in the water (which I don't think helped deter the mosquitos at all). Here are just a few images we took during the session. Check back for some video footage we took of the day with my new camera. If you or someone you know is interested in a bridal fashion shoot please let us know!

I caught this one right as Brandy was getting bit by a mosquito.

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adam houseman said...

2 and 9 are pretty sweet. Awesome set of images.