Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Erin & Jared's Fall E-Session

I love photographing in the fall with all the awesome colors! Last week we met up with Erin and Jared for their engagement session and the seasonal colors made for some great pics. Jared came all the way from his job in Africa for a two week vacation and this was a perfect time to take their engagements. They were a little unsure of how to react in front of the camera but they have such chemistry together it made it next to impossible to get a bad shot. There are so many great pictures I wanted to share but here are just a few for now. I love pics of tossing leaves but wanted to do something from a different perspective than I'd done before. I saw a pic on my buddy Johnny Tran's blog a while back and loved it so decided to try it out... I think it turned out really cool!


Anonymous said...

These are amazing!! Thank you so much Dusty!! ~Erin

Johnny Tran said...

Very well executed! But it looks like you need a wider lens like me!