Friday, September 12, 2008

Kelly and Israel Get Married at Hillside Gardens

The second half of my back to back weddings over Labor day weekend was spent with Kelly and Israel in Colorado Springs. The second the ceremony started rain drops started falling. I was so thankful as I am sure everyone else was when it just lasted for a short time with no downpour. However, it left a beautiful rainbow behind. I have only had two weddings where a rainbow showed up and coincidentally the last wedding was one year ago the same Sunday of Labor day weekend. I guess I should start selling that day as including a rainbow as well right?? The location was great- I could have spent hours upon hours just taking pictures between the gardens and the cool old junkyard area. Unfortunately by the time we got to take pictures with just Kelly and Israel the sun had already set so we only were able to get a few but check back in a few weeks for the reshoot with them. They had a pinata for the kids to include Israel's Mexican heritage into the day. It was such a fun wedding with some of the nicest people. Here's a sneak peek of their day.

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