Sunday, July 20, 2008

Heather & Bill's Mountain Wedding

As we drove an hour up and down dirt roads to Heather & Bill's ceremony site I kept thinking to myself "what did we get ourselves into?" It was the most off-roading my Jeep has seen in the three years we've had it. When we finally made it to the site we realized exactly why they chose this spot. It was absolutely beautiful! As you looked past the rows of chairs there was nothing in sight but God's creation- mountains, fields, trees and sky. We had such a great time with everyone. Even after a rocky start to the day when the shuttles accidentally left half the guests stranded causing an hour delay on the wedding and despite the fact that the bride and many others were fried from the sun nothing could get in the way from having a blast. Here are just a few pictures we took during the day. Earl, their dog, made the cutest ringbearer and we had to get just a few with Heather's bull named Buttercup who has been with her since he was just one day old. Thanks Jennifer and Nick for recommending us to them!


Susan said...

Love these images Dusty!!!! It looks like it was a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Just TERRIFIC! love the first one of Heather and Bill leaning against the tree. When will others be posted? Elaine Y.